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What Apps Can We Build?

Standalone Apps

These native apps have no webservice or cloud connections but uses all device hardware features i.e.
  • Email
  • Camera
  • PDF
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Graphics and Animation

Webservice or Cloud data driven Apps

These native apps are designed to be data driven. They can use any device features i.e.
  • Email
  • Camera
  • PDF
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Graphics and Animation
Plus, can provide and save custom data using webservices in the cloud.

Mobile iOS Web Apps

These apps are designed as web applications. They can only be accessed on a iOS device via mobile browser such as Safari or Chrome. The App would be build using HTML5, jQuery, ASP.NET, WCF REST using C#.


Technical Expertise

iOS Programing Framework


If you choose this technology the App would be built using C# and Xamarin.iOS .NET framework wrapper for iOS SDK.


If you choose this technology the App would be built using Objective-C and direct native framework

iOS Skills:

Cocoa Touch Layer

  • UIKit
  • iAd
  • MapKit

Media Layer

  • CoreGraphics
  • AVFoundation
  • CoreText
  • CoreImage
  • AudioToolbox
  • MediaPlayer

Core Services Layer

  • CFNetwork
  • CoreData

Backend Skills:

All server technology would be done using ASP.NET, WCF REST and MS SQL Server.

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Why Hire Protivasoft?



  • Hi my name is Tahmid Choudhuri. I am the founder of Protivasoft Inc. I have been in software development field since 1994. I have been involved in iOS development since 2010.

    Protivasoft can provide you complete full life cycle development support to turn your idea into reality. From initial concept to database creation, backend webservice development, iPhone or iPad app development and finally helping you all the way to publish the app and the backend to production server. We will provide full support to get it published all the way.

    Protivasoft Inc has recently developed "Evervize Client Management for Financial Professionals" a cutting edge iPad and Web App solution for Modeco Inc. The complete solution uses Amazon Cloud Service, iPad iOS features like: PDF annotations, audio recording, graphics drawing and clip-art insertions, CRM management and customer document edit and views. To learn more view the product in iTunes or the web link above.

    Mobile is the next big thing in business and consumer app development. That is why I am devoting my entire focus in building and providing great app solutions to all my customers so that we can bring their ideas into reality and make a difference.


  • Recent iOS App releases:

    Evervize CRM for Modeco Inc.

     EmpowerTime Mobile for Empower Software Solutions



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